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Radiology and Ultrasonography

Our hospital has state-of-the-art x-ray and ultrasound diagnostic equipment, permitting our doctors to do many specialized procedures. Most of these procedures can be done the same day the pet is admitted into the hospital.


Involves inserting dye into the spinal canal through a spinal tap in order to detect intervertebral disk abnormalities, spinal tumors or congenital central nervous system defects.


Involves inserting dye into the bladder through a urinary catheter to detect abnormalities in the bladder wall (such as tumors, or changes due to chronic infection) or bladder stones that are not evident on routine X-rays.

GI Barium Series

Involves following the flow of barium through the intestinal tract to detect foreign objects, tumors, and certain motility disorders.

Hip Abnormalities (Hip Dysplasia)

Our hospital offers two types of radiographic analysis of hip dysplasia: the most traditional OFA films and the Penn Hip analysis. Penn Hip is a statistical analysis that has been shown to predict the possibility of hip disorders as early as 4 months of age, whereas the standard OFA cannot be performed until 2 years of age. We are one of the few hospitals certified to perform the Penn Hip method in the Houston area.


While the animal is awake, ultrasonography enables the doctor to evaluate heart function and changes in organ density. While x-rays are very important for evaluating changes in organ size and shape, only the ultrasound can detect changes in organ consistency (tumor) or function.

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